Deaf Voice: A Sign-Language Interpreter in Court

Deaf Voice: A Sign-Language Interpreter in Court
Part 1 16th (Sat) 20:00-21:13, Part 2 23rd (Sat) 20:00-21:13 - NHK World Premium (787)


Having experienced failures in his career and marriage, Arai Naoto (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi) has difficulty opening up to his family and girlfriend. As a CODA (Children of Deaf Adults), he uses his sign language skills to work as an interpreter. After getting accustomed to his job and starting a new life, he receives a request to interpret for a deaf individual in court. This work leads him to confront a case from his past in which he was involved. The mysteries of these two incidents, past and present, begin to become intertwined in complex ways.



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