Channel cancelled from October 1, 2023

Channel cancelled from October 1, 2023

Please notify the channel that the service has been terminated since October 1, 2023.

Channel canceled from October 1, 2023


Continue to view popular series from Korea's leading producers with content that includes romance, drama, action, family, teenage comedy, along with entertainment news on True Asian More (239) and KBS World (231) channels.


Continue to view political, economic, and social news from around the world on CNBC (781), ABC Australia (792) and DW English (349) channels. 


Nation Geographic 

Continue to view numerous alternative documentary programs on tourism, lifestyle, knowledge, nature and other topics on Discovery Asia (555), True Explore Wild (559), True Explore Life (560), True Explore Sci (561) channels.


True Inside

Continue to catch up on all entertainment industry news, 24 hours a day on our Super Entertainment Channel (367).


True Korean More

Continue to view popular series from Korea's leading producers with content that includes romance, drama, action, family, teenage comedy, along with entertainment news on True Asian More (239) and KBS World (231) channels.


True Chinese More

Continue to view movies and popular entertainment programs, including action, drama, comedy, romance - from China, Korea, Japan and India; all on our True Film Asia (237) channel.


True Spark Jump
Continue to view kids’ entertainment and knowledge content, that will broaden the imagination via popular anime cartoons from Japan and the USA, on True Spark Play (444) channel


Terms and Conditions for Special Privileges: Receiving TruePoint / Upgraded TrueVisions Packages

  1. Special privileges to upgraded TrueVisions packages or receive TruePoint are subject to the information provided in the SMS sent by the company to the phone number registered by the user.
  2. Users will be eligible for the above-mentioned special privileges when their service status is in normal (Active Status) and they have paid all service fees for all services consistently.
  3. If a user downgrades their monthly package subscription, the right to access additional channels will be terminated.
  4. Failure to pay service fees as specified, service suspension, temporary service termination, cancellation, or early termination of True Vision services before the specified duration will be considered a violation of the terms and conditions of receiving special privileges, and the special privileges will end immediately.
  5. When receiving the privilege of upgraded True Vision packages, if users watch True Vision services on the TrueID application, they will be able to watch channels based on the upgraded package, which may result in some channels from the main package not being accessible on the True ID application.
  6. To receive the privilege of TruePoint, users must correctly register for True Vision services with their 13-digit national ID card.
  7. These special privileges cannot be sold, transferred, or used for commercial purposes. Users must use these privileges for personal viewing within their place of residence only, without deriving any commercial benefit or engaging in any activities that contravene the law, terms, and conditions, or infringe upon any copyrights of the company, channel owners, or any other parties. If the company suspects any improper use or violations, it reserves the right to cancel the special privileges without prior notice.
  8. These above-mentioned special privileges cannot be exchanged for cash or any other items and cannot be used in conjunction with or duplicated with other promotions or offers.
  9. Channel content, program content, or live broadcasts on TrueVisions may be subject to change without prior notice, as determined by the content owners or rights holders.
  10. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of sales promotions or special privileges or to cancel sales promotions or special privileges without prior notice.
  11. The terms and conditions of using TrueVisions services are as specified in the True Vision service application/contract, and the terms and conditions for these special privileges apply accordingly.



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